rear boot paint  wood made up oiled and ready to go  wood coated final wood  bumpers lights on..

If you own a Morris Traveller you will know that the wood is the most important thing to take care of at West Riding Classic Cars that’s exactly what we do!

We inspect your existing wood and give a report / advice on the best course of action which has 3 possible outcomes.

1) Strip the existing wood finish, back to bare wood, treat to inhibit rot and refinish, this is very cost effective way of freshening up your travellers wood, with surprising results.
2) Cut out and replace rotten sections, coupled with a refinish can save having to completely replace
3) A complete Ash frame, This is the best way to ensure that your wood is perfect, we provide the full package including welding and paintworks, with a list of satisfied customers to boot!

Intrigued as to what we can achieve with your traveller? Give West Riding Classic Cars a call on 01422 881 221, ask about the “California Style” all wood look that is now available.

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